ОУ Елпида Караманди
"Learning, harmony and prosperity of our students towards a brighter future"

We strive to create a school with modern working conditions:

Goal of the vision:
Through the educational process to influence the creation of healthy individuals in terms of physical, mental and social health that will fulfill the obligations of responsible citizens.

  • educated teaching staff,
  • interactive cooperation between teachers, students and parents,
  • application of new teaching forms and methods,
  • a school with a pleasant atmosphere for work in which the teacher is maximally motivated to work, and the student is maximally open for cooperation;

Our students acquire the skills and knowledge that will help them build in healthy and responsible personalities, prepared for the challenges of life, able to apply the acquired knowledge and skills.
Students to be carriers of socially useful work, valued and desirable wider community built with a positive value systems.
The acquired knowledge and skills to be durable and to be able to apply them in further education and execution of tasks.
The realization of the vision will enable the school to acquire the knowledge, skills and positive values of the person.
It will continuously work towards achieving the vision through learning, critical thinking, advancement from all fields using the potential resources of the school and the environment.
They will be realized through curriculum planning areas.

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